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Pacific Trails Middle School

A Proud Member of the San Dieguito Union High School District
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Dress Code

School clothing should be neat, clean and appropriate for school activities. Students are expected to exercise good judgment and good taste regarding their dress and grooming so as not to disrupt the educational environment. Administration reserves the right to alter or modify this dress code as styles change or clothing becomes a safety issue. Students will be adequately notified of any changes, additions or modifications to the present dress code. Students in violation of the dress code will be subject to disciplinary action, parent contact and/or borrowing clothing from the office. Progressive discipline will be administered for subsequent violations.
  • Clothing and accessories (including backpacks) are unacceptable and not allowed on campus that:
    • advertise and/or promote drugs, alcohol, and/or tobacco products;
    • display foul or sexually suggestive language or symbols and/or weapons:
    • discriminate against race or sexual identity;
    • advertise and/or promote gang affiliation.
  • Suggestive or revealing clothing is not suitable for school. Examples of inappropriate clothing:
    • Females: strapless tops, halter tops, swimming attire, tops that expose the midriff, backless shirts, off shoulder tops and see-through tops.
    • Males: muscle shirts and tank tops
  • Skirts and dresses are to be fingertip length when arms are straight at the side.
  • Shorts are to be at least to the closed fist when arms are straight at the side.
  • All pants and shorts must be secured at the waist.
  • Oversized pants and/or dangling belts are not allowed.
  • Footwear must be worn at all times while on campus.
  • Hats, caps, beanies, gloves and/or hoods must be removed immediately upon entering any buildings or classrooms.
  • Wallet chains and bandanas are NOT allowed (worn or carried).
  • Student appearance, including makeup, hair, piercings, or jewelry, may not cause distractions or safety concerns in any way to the student or to the school environment.