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Pacific Trails Middle School

A Proud Member of the San Dieguito Union High School District
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Please consider joining the PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association).
To join, click here
And did you know there are PERKS to being a member of the PTSA?  Click here to discover the many ways you can save with discounts, specials, and more!
Because of your donation, we are able to provide many programs including STEM, Science Olympiad, Math League, Technology Upgrades, Wellness Activities, Red Ribbon Week, Assemblies and many other programs.
Join the PTSA and help meet our goal of at least $180 per student.  Donations of all amounts are welcome.
Any questions, please email
Proposed 2022-23 PTSA Executive Board
**See Board Position Job Descriptions directly below**

Proposed 2022-23 PTSA Executive Board
**See Board Position Job Descriptions directly below**

2022-23 Proposed Board


Executive Vice President - This individual works as primary aide to President, helps lead PTSA toward certain goals, performs certain duties in the President's absence, is a signee on checks with the Treasurer for fund requests, in charge of the Legacy Leaf Fundraiser, and serves on Site Council meetings for the District.  This individual will also oversee all the PTSA programs.  Each PTSA program will be assigned a lead chair.  This individual and the VP, Volunteers will identify individuals to chair each program.  In addition, this individual will act as a liaison to the individual chairs and help establish program budgets along with helping fill in where needed at events. A few program examples are Trail Blazer Recognition, New Student Orientation, Staff Appreciation, 8th grade Promotion, etc.  This individual will also:  work with committee and other chairmen to plan and organize programs for the school year; collaborate with the Principal, PTSA President, other committee chairmen and campus student groups to coordinate, plan, and implement programs;  develop annual program calendar and present it at the PTSA meeting for adoption; publicize approved program calendar using newsletters, website, social networks, and school handbook;  and oversee and delegate volunteer recruitment for implementing and running programs.
VP, Financial Secretary - This individual will be responsible for depositing all the checks/cash and depositing them into the PTSA bank account.  The first three months of the school year, the individual can expect once or twice a week deposits.  They will also work closely with the Treasurer to make sure they receive copies of all checks/cash and bank receipts to make sure the deposits match the bank statements.
VP, Health, Safety & Wellness - This individual attends the PTMS site safety and wellness committee meetings, which happen quarterly with the assistant principal and staff.  If there is a request for a parent rep to attend district student wellness meetings, this person would serve in that role. In addition, he/she works with the the administration and ASB students to plan Red Ribbon Week in October and Wellness Week in March. 
VP, Membership - This individual will use articles, flyers, QR codes, etc. to entice parents to join PTSA.  They will also keep Membership Toolkit updated with different products sold by the PTSA including membership, Legacy Leaf, and other fundraisers.  They will collect reports of purchases made during the school fundraiser to share with other Board members helping with the fundraiser as well as share reports of any fundraising and membership totals during the monthly Board meetings.
Auditor - This individual must conduct two audits a year. An audit is a formal examination of the financial books and records of the PTSA. An audit serves to certify that receipts and expenditures, as authorized in the minutes, are in conformity with Bylaws, Standing Rules, and budget limitations. The PTSA audit serves as an official examination of the financial records conducted by the auditor or appointed audit committee at the times specified in the Bylaws for Local PTSA Units,Article VI, Section 8 and when there is a change in financial officers.
Historian - This individual keeps a record of Board members' volunteer hours at each Board meeting and submits the report in April.  Additionally, the Historian leads the publicity for the PTSA by making sure relevant information gets submitted to the school newsletter and PTMS social media.  This individual will also be primarly responsible for advertising our PTSA sponsored events on our Instagram page, Facebook Page, in the local newspaper, on PTSA website and in the Weekly Parent Newsletter. 
Legislation - This individual will take an active role in monitoring any local or state issues that may impact children in their district.  This can be done by monitoring the local news as well as keeping a watchful eye on our California State PTA to bring forth any actions or new laws that may benefit or hinder our students.
Parliamentarian - This individual will assist the President in managing meetings and advises on parliamentary procedures.  Parliamentarians act as a facilitator for the bylaws.  They know the rules and how they should be implemented so that the Board can properly make motions, create committees, and take action so as to conduct its business.  This individual will also chair the Bylaws Committee to review unit Bylaws each year and revise Bylaws every three years.  In preparation for the upcoming school year, this individual will form a Nominating Committee and solicit individuals for nomination and election to the Board so that the PTSA can turnover and seamlessly conduct business year-to-year.
Secretary - This individual will be documenting all attendees and those absent along with summarizing all of the topics discussed at the each of the monthly board meetings.  After the meeting, they will type up their notes and submit them to the board for approval. 
Treasurer - This individual maintains permanent records to track unit funds and financial transactions, chairs budget committee and prepares annual budget for adoption by the association, pays all PTSA bills as authorized by Board or Association, prepares reports for every Board and Association meeting and an annual financial report, and ensures taxes and reports required by PTSA bylaws, insurance, or federal and state governments are completed and submitted by the due dates.


Technology Drive

Technology Drive

GOAL:  $12,000
Please donate NOW to the Technology Drive.  All funds from the Technology Drive will help buy new Chromebooks and their accessories for classroom use.
Any questions, please email
Legacy Leaf Fundraiser: Leave Your Mark on Your Child's School!

Legacy Leaf Fundraiser: Leave Your Mark on Your Child's School!

Pacific Trails, Middle School, Giving Tree
Our beautiful Giving Tree is installed in the Administration Office at PTMS.  It's not too late to purchase YOUR leaf and Leave Your Mark on Your Child's School!!!
Any questions, please email


PTSA can always use parent volunteers for various campus activities.  Please watch for volunteer opportunities in email communications sent during the week.  Links will be provided to sign-up for volunteer positions at various activities/events as they become available throughout the school year.
Any questions, please email
PTSA 2022-23 Executive Board

PTSA 2022-23 Executive Board

President - Amy Wilson -
Executive Vice President - *open*
1st Vice President & Volunteer Coord. - Hadas Metzler -
2nd Vice President & Membership Chair - David Turchetti -
3rd Vice President & Health/Safety Chair - Shuanglian (Lian) Li -
Treasurer: Jorge.Moller -
Recording Secretary - Heather Epstein -
Financial Secretary - Wendy Janicik -
Auditor - Janet Zhou -
Historian: Jody Newlander -
Parliamentarian - Uzma Khan Qazi -
Legislation Chair - *open* -
General PTSA Meetings - 2022-23

General PTSA Meetings - 2022-23

All parents are welcome to attend the General PTSA Meetings.  Check the website calendar for dates.  All General PTSA Meetings are held in the Learning Commons and begin at 8:45 a.m. unless otherwise posted. Please remember to obtain a Visitor's Badge at the front desk before attending the meeting.
The General PTSA Meeting dates are as follows:
September 23, 2022
November 4, 2022
February 3, 2023
May 19, 2023
Any questions, please email
Programs We Support

Programs We Support

  • Academic Enrichment - Geography Bee, Spelling Bee, Art Night and Assemblies.
  • Campus Clubs, STEM/Math League, Science Olympiad, Reflections
  • Campus Beautification
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Campus Events - Lunchtime Sports, Orientation, Pi Day, Red Ribbon Week, Spirit Day, 8th Grade Celebration, Wellness Center, Holiday Howl, etc.
  • Staff Support - Staff Appreciation, Mini Grants, Hospitality
  • Parent Support - Parent Education and Forums
  • and so much more!