Contact:  Shannon Cary
Phone:  858.509.1000, ext. 4609
Absences must be verified through the Attendance Office within 48 hours of absence by email (, phone call (858.509.1000, x4609) or note from parent or legal guardian.  Please provide:
1.  Student's name and Student ID#
2.  Your name and relationship to student
3.  The reason for absence
4.  The date of the absence
5.  A contact phone number
  • For absences related to illness, please call or email EACH DAY that the student is absent.
  • For personal business absences, such as travel, one call is sufficient with the reason and dates missing.
  • Please remember that if the reason given when reporting a student's absence does not meet the criteria outlined by the State of California Education Code (E.C. 48205) the absence will be coded as parent verified (X code) but will not be considered excused by the State.
If your child needs to leave school during the school day, he/she will need an Off Campus Pass.  **Please email or call 24-48 hours in advance so we can have your student ready for you to pick upin the office at the time they need to leave.
When calling or emailing, you will need to provide:
1.  Student's name and Student ID#
2.  Your name and relationship to student
3.  The reason
4.  Time of dismissal
5.  Will they be returning to school?
6.  Your contact phone number
7.  Person signing student out (be prepared to present an ID)
  • Please remember that only people listed on your student's emergency card and that are over the age of 18 will be allowed to pick up your student unless it is otherwise specified when requesting the pass. Anyone picking up a student is required to show their ID.
If your child is late to school, they must check in at the Attendance window to obtain a re-admit slip to class.  To excuse the tardy, please send a written note, email, or call the Attendance line with your student's name and ID#, your name, your contact phone number and the reason for the tardy.
  • Arrive to school and class on time.
  • Notify Attendance of student's absence in a timely manner.
  • Plan family vacations during non-school days.
  • Try to schedule doctor appointments for your child after school hours.
  • Allow your child to stay home only when he/she has a contagious illness or is too sick to be comfortable at school.
  • Help prevent child illnesses from spreading at our school by getting your child vaccinated against flu and chicken pox.
  • When your child has a doctor's appointment in the middle of the school day, bring him/her to school before the appointment.