The Science Department provides in-depth study of scientific principles, employing appropriate technology and hands-on laboratory experiences at every level. Coursework prepares students for high school science studies.

All classes meet the Science Content Standards for California Public Schools.
For information on Next Generation Science Standards for California Public Schools (NGSS), click here.

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 Name Classes Taught  e-Mail  Phone Ex.  Webpage 
 Mrs. Chen
Science Dept. Chair
Science 7 e-mail   4625
 Ms. Freeman
Science 7 
 Ms. Mareth  Science 8  e-mail   4621 
 Science 7/8 
 e-mail  4758  webpage
 Mrs. Reed  Science 8 e-mail  4619 
Ms. Tam   Science 8 e-mail  4628 webpage 
PLC Work (teachers only)