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The Pacific Trails Middle School Physical Education staff believes that every student can achieve excellence regardless of size, maturity, coordination, body type, or other physical capability.
As a department, we are concerned with developing a child's positive attitude toward physical education that will last a lifetime.
Pacific Trails Physical Education strives to maintain an activity/standard-based program while teaching lifelong fitness in a safe and enjoyable environment.
Our goal as a staff is to develop physically literate individuals who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to become and remain physically active for a lifetime.
  • Uses a variety of skills to participate in physical activities.
  • Knows how to move and use strategies when they play games.
  • Knows and practices the skills that help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Act fairly, responsibly, and respectfully when they participate in activities.
  • Knows why it is important to be physically active.
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PE Dept. Chair
 Physical Education
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 Mr. Olson 
 Physical Education
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Not only is the importance of physical fitness supported in our program, but we also emphasize student wellness, which includes:

Social Wellness

 Emotional Wellness
Physical Wellness
 Intellectual Wellness
One who is who is positively engaged in the school culture and surrounding community.  One who builds and fosters emotional awareness while relating to others in a positive way. A student who has the knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and eating balanced meals. A student who engages in expanding their knowledge and skills in a variety of tasks and sharing with others.


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