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Pacific Trails Middle School

A Proud Member of the San Dieguito Union High School District
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Wellness Center

Welcome to the Pacific Trails Middle School Wellness Center!

At Pacific Trails, we believe that encouraging students’ social and emotional wellness is an important part of supporting the whole child. 

The Wellness Center at PTMS first opened in March, 2022. Part-funded by our PTSA, it was set up to be a calm, supervised space for students to de-stress, relax, reset and connect with friends. It is the first of its kind in the district. 

It is stocked with a large range of games, puzzles, mindful coloring, fidget toys, kinetic sand, buddha boards and a Zen Garden! Students can sit in the rocking chairs and watch the virtual aquarium and mood lamps, or just listen to the relaxing music. Sometimes students may wish to talk to our Student Support Facilitator.

During the day, students may come in after speaking with their counselor as a way to reset before going back into class. 

Connecting with friends not phones!

At lunch, the Wellness Center is open to everyone and our only “rules” are no food, no electronic devices, and for everyone to respect each other. Students typically come to hang out, sit with friends and play Uno, Guess Who, Chess, etc. or even our giant Jenga and Connect 4 games. We are usually busy!

In addition, the Wellness Center is also home to many of our enrichment events such as monthly Therapy Dog visits, Career Talks, Craft sessions and Counselor workshops. Events are advertised during our daily Homeroom announcements and students are encouraged to sign up using the QR codes placed around campus. We also create weekly “Wellness Wednesday” lessons that go out to all classes on topics such as Kindness, Resilience and Courage.

At times teachers bring their class during Homeroom or lessons and it’s also a good place to hold restorative circles in order to get a group back on track.

Whatever you come here for, you're sure to leave inspired, re-energized and in a positive frame of mind ready for your lessons.

Where can you find us?

The Wellness Center is located downstairs in the C Building (Room C119) and accessed via the outside door close to the basketball courts. It is currently open every lunchtime for anyone who wants to come in and is staffed by our Student Support Facilitator, Samantha Eels-Taylor who works closely with our school counselors.
Wellness Center

Wellness Center