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Pacific Trails Middle School

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The Associated Student Body (ASB) proudly presents the following Clubs/Activities that have been established and are listed in alphabetical order.  For more on events and activities that the ASB has planned for our Wolves, check their website here.
Getting involved in extracurricular activities is a good way for students to meet new people, develop new skills, make a contribution and have some fun.  Why Join a Club?
7th Grade Debate Club
     - Thursdays during 7th grade lunch in Mr. Copeland's room C210
Academic Power Hour
     - Tuesday through Thursday from 2:50 to 3:50 p.m. in the Learning Commons
Teacher supervised/high school tutor-assisted hour for students to get help with their homework.  Water and snacks are provided.
Aidoru/Project Sekai Club
     - Wednesdays from 11:50 to 12:15 during 7th grade lunch in Prof Starr's room C213
A club where you can dance and/or sing. The dance and lyrics will be based on the cover we choose from Project Sekai (a popular Japanese rhythm game).  We will discuss which songs to cover during club meeting times. (cover: the replica of an original song, with different voices and usually different people dancing.) If you are not comfortable singing, you may choose not to as well. We will also learn/analyze dances, and eventually be fluent enough to do the cover. (By learning their songs, we can somewhat learn Japanese too!)
After School Sports with the Boys & Girls Club
     - Check their website for seasonal tryouts, practice dates/times and game dates/times.
Beginning Band & Orchestra After-School Program (March 13 thru May 1)
     - Mondays from 3:45 to 5:00 p.m. in Mr. Johnson's room M103
Want to learn to play a Band or Orchestra instrument?  Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone, Tuba, Percussion (drums), Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass.  Come to our beginning Band & Orchestra after-school program, starting on March 13th.  The program will be every Monday from March 13th through May 1st from 3:45pm to 5pm.  Parents are encouraged to attend our first class to help students select their instruments.  Bertrand's Music will be there on March 13th with instruments. 
Book Club
     - Thursdays after school from 2:50 to 3:30 p.m. with Mrs. Richards in the Learning Commons
Read and talk about books, host author talk and book signings, and assist with the Scholastic Book Fair.
Calligraphy Club
     - Tuesdays during 8th grade Homeroom in Mrs. Starr's room C213
A fun and simple course designed to help students improve or learn how to do brush lettering and calligraphy. It is for anyone and everyone who is intrested in Calligraphy, Bullet Journaling, improving overall handwriting, and cool word design. 
Chess Club
      - Tuesdays and Thursdays during 8th grade lunch in Mr. Johnson's room M103
Dedicated to serving 7th graders in the Art of Chess, we welcome all students and teachers regardless of their experience. Our fundamental mission is to promote this form of intellectual edification through the means of cognitive exercises and socialization.  Tournaments and Lessons/Lectures on better playing will also be included.
Computer Science Club
     - Tuesdays during 7th grade lunch in Ms. Honselaar's room C218
Have you ever wondered how computers worked or how their hardware helps it run? Join the Computer Science Club! Here you will learn about computer networks, the hardware of different computers, and even how to code! If you are interested, sign up on the signing sheet in the bulletin board in the C-Building. Hope to see you there!
Cool Crochet Kids Club
     - Tuesdays during both 7th and 8th grade lunches in the Wellness Center (C119) with Ms. Eels-Taylor
In Cool Crochet Kids Club, kids can learn how to crochet, improve their crochet skills, meet new friends and create fun projects. In order to join this club, no experience is needed. If you are someone who enjoys playing with yarn, repetitive patterns and who loves having FUN, this club is perfect for you. The materials needed are: one or more balls of yarn, one or more crochet hooks of different sizes. Bring our own or be provided.  Crochet Contest at the end of each semester. There will be three levels to keep it fair (beginning, intermediate, advanced).  Additional activities include Improv performances during lunch (potentially), polls where members can vote for which improv games they want to play on certain months, and opportunities to come up with original games and suggest them during meetings.
Creative Games Club
     - Thursdays during 8th grade lunch in Ms. Griffen's room C220
In our Club, we will play board games, kahoots, we will draw, make art, play truth or dare, and many more fun games! We do new games and activities every week, so people stay entertained and have fun! Every time a person wins a game or a round of 2 truths and a lie they get a point. The first person to get to 5 points will win a piece of candy (a jolly rancher or a starburst), the first person to get to 10 points will to get a piece of candy (a piece of chocolate or small bag of gummy bears), and the first person to get to 13 points will either get two pieces of candy or a bracelet made by a student. The first to get 13 points, will restart everyone's points, and everyone will start at zero again. Basically, our club is a club where we play several games, activities, and do art.
Cubing Club
     - Mondays during 8th grade lunch in Ms. Mareth's room B121
A returning club for cubers of any skill level, with private competitions each quarter. New cubers are welcome.  There will be activities within the club meetings, however, there will never be any irregular meeting times or scenarios.
Cyber Patriot Club
     - participants meet at the PTMS flagpole after school and get escorted to CCA by the Club leader
Want to learn about cyber security? Become an ethical hacker? If that sounds interesting, join CyberPatriot! Teams train for a variety of local and national level security competitions. No previous experience is necessary.
Debate Club
     - Thursdays during 8th grade lunch in Mr. Kuehl's room C212
Debate Club is a fun way where students can expand their comfort zone, improve communication skills, organization/presentation skills, and critical thinking techniques. We look to participate in tournaments where you can use your debate skills in real life. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come, no experience required. 
DIY Theatre Club
     - Thursdays from 2:45-3:30 p.m. in Ms. Provenzano's room C112
Have you ever wanted to act in a play that you wrote? To help with the set and props for a play? Then this is the club for you! Join for any stage of the creation process.
Dungeons & Dragons Club
     - Tuesdays during 8th grade lunch in Mr. Jenkins room C219
A club where you play Dungeons and Dragons, a tabletop RPG for new and experienced players. It is fun and engaging and it is preferred for people to come on all sessions, but if they miss the club, they will miss stuff from the campaign.
Gardening Club
     - Mondays from 2:40-3:30 p.m. out in the garden with Mrs. Memar
Join us in the last 20 minutes of lunch in between the Learning Commons and the B Building to have some fun in the garden! Learn all about seeds, plant care, and pollinators.
Genre Theater Club
     - Tuesdays from 2:45 to 3:30 p.m. in the Learning Commons with Mrs. Richards
A club that switches genres every week. Uses some stronger, theater-related improv games as a warm up, random scripts to promote acting, and everyone has a lot of fun!
Improv 101 Club
     - Wednesdays from 2:50 to 3:20 p.m. in the Learning Commons
A club where people of all acting skills can come together and practice quick-thinking, play improv games, improve public speaking/presentation skills, and have a good laugh along the way.
Jr. Optimist Club
     - Tuesdays during 8th grade lunch in Mrs. Heath's room B227
JOI club focuses on volunteer work and community service. Most of the volunteer opportunities are after school or on weekends. 
Kpop Club
     - Thursdays during 8th grade lunch in Mrs. Gahagan's room B111
Kpop club is a club about music groups from Korea. In this club you can learn about what types of groups there are in Kpop. You will learn about new releases from the many different groups and hopefully you will find some music you like.
Lego Club
     - Tuesdays during 8th grade lunch in Mr. Jenkins' room C219
Motivational Poster Club
     - Wednesdays during 7th grade lunch in front of the C Building with Mr. Copeland
Make a motivational poster every 1-2 weeks for the students to enjoyand create 5-minute games for students to play in Homeroom to feel more motivated for the day. (one every week)
National History Day Club
     - Thursdays during 7th grade lunch in Ms. Osbourne-Hall's room B223
     - Thursdays during 8th grade lunch in Mr. Gillette's room B225
National History Day at PTMS supports students who want to compete in the annual National History Day contest. Mr. Gillette and Mrs. Osborne-Hall will coach and guide students during weekly lunchtime meetings. Since 1974, students across the country have competed in a year-long contest that challenges their ability to complete a historical research project. More than half a million students worldwide conduct historical research on a topic of their choice and enter their projects at the local level in March, with top students advancing to the National Contest at the University of Maryland at College Park in May.  Local SD Competition - March; State Competition - April; National Competition - May.
Nintendo Club
     - Fridays during 7th grade lunch in Mr. Torkelson's room B224
This is a club if you like playing video games and want to make new friends. We will have tournaments as well as fun prizes for you to win.  
Science Bowl
     - Wednesdays - 7:30-8:15 p.m. - Virtually on Google Classroom
Science Bowl is a buzzer-based national competition organized by the US Department of Energy where teams of students from different schools compete in head-to-head science competitions with questions in math, biology, the physical sciences, earth/space, energy, and general science. Students will compete in a regional competition in late February/early March, and will compete in the national round in May if they win the 1st place in the regional round. For more Science Bowl information, visit PTMS ScienceBowl Club was formed in 2019 and Team 1 has won 3rd place in the past two years' Regional Round competition  Math Department Chair Ms.Melissa Griffin is the Club Advisor.  To register and participate in club activities, please click Here. Competition team(s) will be formed by the end of fall semester.  Questions: Please email to
SoBE Club (Study of Biology and Ecology)
     - Tuesdays and Thursdays during 7th grade lunch in Mr. Milholland's room C110
Welcome to the SoBE club ! In the SoBE club, students can do fun science experiments, have a better knowledge in biology and Ecology, and best of all, make friends. This semester, students can do fun activities such as finding animals around the campus, making volcanoes explode, and know famous scientists in history that made our world a better place. I hope to see you in the club!  Finding animals around the school campus, studying native plants, making volcanoes explode, and learn what different types of scientist do !
Stronger Together Club
     - Tuesdays during 8th grade lunch in Mrs. Walton's room C214
Stronger Together Club was founded on the belief that everyone, regardless of ability, deserves to benefit from sports, music, academic studies, and much more. We aspire to create enhanced opportunities for people with and without disabilities to interact and form lasting bonds of friendship through fun and shared activities.  We are focused on helping exceptional athletes in sports, educating young children in music, coaching, fundraising, and much more.
Taylor Swift Fan Club
     - Mondays during the last 20 minutes of 8th grade lunch in Mrs. Hunner's room B220
A club where eighth graders can gather during lunch to analyze Taylor’s lyrics, discuss theories, watch documentaries, and bond over her music with a community of fellow Swifties. Song/album bracket rankings, song association games, watch movies and documentaries about Taylor Swift, voting sessions where members can choose what they’d like to do in future meetings.
Wyldlife Club
     - Tuesdays during 7th grade lunch in Ms. McVay's room C118
     - Tuesdays during 8th grade lunch in Mrs. Reed's room B119
Play team building games, do fun activities, share snacks, and make new friends.