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Pacific Trails Middle School

A Proud Member of the San Dieguito Union High School District
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Registration FAQs

Q:  My child currently attends Sycamore Ridge, Solana Ranch, or Ashley Falls Elementary School.  Does he/she automatically go to PTMS for the 7th grade?
A:  No.  PTMS is a boundary school.  Your HOME ADDRESS will determine the Middle School and High School you are scheduled to attend.  Click here to find the Boundary Locator and to see which Middle School and High School your child will attend.
Q:  I just checked the Boundary Locator and I don't live in the PTMS boundaries, but I want my child to attend PTMS.  What can I do?
A:  You can apply for an Intradistrict Transfer if you live within the boundaries of the San Dieguito Union High School District (SDUHSD).  If you live OUTSIDE of the SDUHSD boundaries, but still want to attend an SDUHSD school, you must apply for an Interdistrict Transfer.  ** You will not be able to enroll your child until after the District has approved your application for a transfer.  We will not accept enrollment paperwork until the transfer is approved.  Even if you are applying for a transfer, you must still enroll your child in the boundary school in which you live.  If your transfer is approved, your enrollment is transferred, too.
Q:  How do I enroll my child at PTMS?
A.  First, you have to be able to provide proof of residency within our boundaries.  If you are purchasing a new home, escrow must be closed and final before you can provide proof of residency.  Then you will enroll online.  When you have completed the online enrollment process, bring in the printed documents the online enrollment process indicates on a checklist.
          Additional points regarding enrollment:
               - please include a transcript or the last report card of your child's current school
               - all new students will be given a math placement test to ensure proper placement in math
               - questions regarding more specific information about the school will be addressed after the enrollment process is complete.
Q:  What grade levels are at PTMS?
A.  Pacific Trails serves 7th and 8th graders.
Q:  Do you give Campus Tours?
A:  No.  PTMS is not a "school of choice".  As a boundary school, we do not have Campus Tours.  Enrolled students and parents will have the opportunity to tour the campus during Orientation in August.  Orientation is only for enrolled students and parents.  It is not for the general public.
Q:  If my child attends PTMS, do they automatically attend Canyon Crest Academy (CCA) for high school?
A:  No.  CCA is a "school of choice," so your 8th grader will need to apply to CCA during the High School Selection Process as an 8th grader.  CCA is subject to accepting incoming 9th graders via lottery, so there is no guarantee of attendance at CCA.  Torrey Pines High School is the boundary school of our 8th graders going into high school.
Q:  How do I get more information on Independent Study Physical Education (ISPE), and how do I apply?
A.  The District has a window of time in the Spring for students to apply for ISPE for the following school year.  To Apply and view Eligibility Criteria, click this link to take you to the District's website application process.