8th Grade Promotion

When:  June 14, 2019
Time:    10:30 a.m.                                    Promotion/Last Day of School Bell Schedule
Where:  PTMS inner quad
Timeline for 8th Graders:
     - 8th Graders are expected to report to school to attend their classes.  8th Graders not in classes prior to Promotion will require being excused by a parent through the Attendance desk.
     - 8th Graders will be escorted to the quad for the Promotion with their Homeroom class.
     - When Promotion concludes (approx. 11:30ish), 8th graders are free to leave school with their parents.
7th Graders:
     - 7th Graders will not be released to join in the Promotion.
     - If a 7th Grader is the sibling of an 8th Grader, the 7th Grader must be excused from class to attend the Promotion by a parent through the Attendance desk.  Please arrange this days in advance as the Attendance desk will be extremely busy on the last day of school.
Parking:  The staff parking lot is reserved for staff and a limited number of handicap drivers who posses a handicap parking permit. Reserve a handicap parking spot here.  Additional parking will be on the PTMS field and is accessed via the service road.
Student Attire:  Students are encouraged to dress "nice casual".  This is NOT an event that requires formal attire.  All students are required to adhere to the PTMS Dress Code.  Students who come to school wearing inappropriate clothing will be given loaner PE clothes to wear or, if there's time, a parent will be contacted to bring in something more appropriate.
Seating:  Attendees are asked to bring their own beach chair or blanket to sit on.  The promotion only lasts for 45 minutes, so maybe you won't need to bring anything to sit on.
Be a Floral Sponsor:  For $20, you can "sponsor" a floral arrangement that will line the walkway of our promoting 8th graders during the celebration.  You can have a personal message on a placard within the blooms then after the Promotion, you can take your arrangement home!  By doing this, you are assisting the PTSA Promotion Committee by offsetting the cost of the arrangements.  Click here to be a Floral SponsorDeadline to be a Floral Sponsor is May 30, 2019.