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 The PTMS Physical Education Department is a 5-star program. Our curriculum is designed to provide an environment that challenges all students to work to their potential.  Students will learn skills without intimidation and experience the fun and excitement of physical activity. This philosophy drives our students to enjoy movement, become fit and value positive living!

Highlights of the PTMS Physical Education Program include:

  • Structured learning of basic fitness and athletic fundamentals.

  • Group/Team experiences combined with individualized goals and challenges.

  • Participation and knowledge of various team sports and lead-up games. Examples of sports introduced include flag football, soccer, basketball, softball, volleyball, pickleball, dance, jump rope, flying disc, track and field and more.

  • Preparation for physical fitness testing in the Spring semester.

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 Physical Education
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 Physical Education
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Not only is the importance of physical fitness supported in our program, but we also emphasize student wellness, which includes:

Social Wellness

 Emotional Wellness
Physical Wellness
 Intellectual Wellness
One who is who is positively engaged in the school culture and surrounding community.  One who builds and fosters emotional awareness while relating to others in a positive way. A student who has the knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and eating balanced meals. A student who engages in expanding their knowledge and skills in a variety of tasks and sharing with others.

All PE classes meet the Physical Education Model Content Standards for California Public Schools.

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