All Pacific Trails Middle School students and parents have access to Naviance, an online college and career readiness platform.  The career planning and assessment tools in Naviance allow students to realize their strengths, goals, skills, knowledge, values, constraints, and interests in future careers to help them make better academic decisions.  The college planning tools allow students to research colleges and match colleges to their career interests.  The Roadtrip Nation Interview Archive in Naviance features over 3,500 video interviews with high school students, college students and professionals to help students see what lies ahead, and encourage them to persevere.
Mrs. Curry will meet with all 7th graders during Life Science classes the week of February 5, 2016 to walk students through a career exploration guidance lesson.  Students will set up a Naviance account, take a career assessment (Career Key), explore careers, save favorite careers to their account and learn about the Road Trip Nation video archive.  Students can continue to access this program at any time, from any computer.  Students can maintain a working database of their ever-changing interests, aspirations, values, and preferences for occupations and potential programs that offer the education they need.
Instructions for Parents to create a Naviance Parent Account:  Click on the Naviance icon link (above) then in the "Are You New Here?" box at the upper right, click on the I need to register link.  The registration code will be your student's ID# followed by the letter "p".  For example, 123456p.  If you need any assistance, please contact Lisa Curry, Pacific Trails Middle School Counselor.